Michael Godfrey Bell


Michael Bell is a published author, past member of the EU's Economic and Social Committee, ex-public company chairman and educationalist. He can be contacted at mgbell@agenthuman.com.

Biographical Details: M G Bell

Born UK, January, 1941; one son and two grandchildren

Educated at Vinehall School, Cranbrook School and the Institute of Actuaries

Worked in insurance, 1958-61

1961-63, assistant to Michael Bizony, publisher; edited French Opera To The Revolution by Norman Demuth

1967 - 1971 General Manager of IPC technical publishing subsidiary; developed computer typesetting system for Daily Mirror (rejected by the unions); responsible for IPC acquisition policy in Europe before takeover by Reed International.

1972 - 1975 Management consultant in South American import business; spent time in Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Venezuela.

1976 - 1979 worked for Brooks International in the US, Canada and UK as a management consultant.

1980 Managing Director of International Business Communications Ltd, subsidiary of SLSS plc in London.

1982 bought out IBC with colleagues. Grew it to t/o of GBP7m by 1985.

1985 Floated IBC on London stock exchange (last company to be introduced on the floor of the old stock exchange).

1986 - 1989 Grew IBC as Chairman to t/o GBP80m and profit of GBP17m, with worldwide subsidiaries and 1,200 staff.

1990 Fired by the banks after stock market crash, opened Sussex theme park.

1992 Started Business Seminars International, specializing in Russian conferences, grew it to GBP8m turnover by 1998, when Russian financial collapse allowed escape from conferences . . .

1999 Started Internet business lowtax.net with major clients including HSBC, Wolters Kluwer and the Bureau of National Affairs.

2012 Wolters Kluwer acquired lowtax.net; on behalf of Wolters Kluwer, Bell started academic periodical Global Tax Weekly and was Editor-in-Chief of this publication until 2015.

Public positions: Director of Choice in Education 1988-95; Deputy Chairman of Grant Maintained Schools, 1983-2000; Conservative Member of East Sussex County Council 1989-93; Member of Group 1 of the Economic and Social Committee of the EU in Brussels 1990-94, Rapporteur for numerous Opinions including Economic Report on France; Governor of Vinehall Preparatory School 1985-2003, and Governor of four other schools in East Sussex; Chairman of Trident International (charity) 1991-96; Founding President of UK Newsletter Society; past Director of Adam Smith Institute; member of Bow Group, Bruges Group, Radical Society, the Institute of Fiscal Studies.


Sid, 1986
Five Letters To The Unquiet French, 1987
Incentive Through Ownership, 1989
Death of the Welfare State, 1995
Eastern Markets, 1996
www.groupsrus.com, 2005
Futures of the Human Race, 2007
Agent Human, 2009

A Memoir On The Pickersgill-Cunliffe Family, 2011
We, Immortals, 2011
The Bell Family An Exploration, 2013
Just A Moment Of Weakness A Russian Novel, 2014
A New Experiment In Autobiography, 2014 (private circulation)
Peggy: A Family Saga, 2015

Hello Kitty! A Collection Of Polemical Writings, 2015

Marmaduke, 1st Viscount Furness: A Memoir, 2015
The Bell Trilogy, A Novel, Volume I, 1460 1577, 2015
The Collective Unconscious, Quantum Mechanics and PSI, 2016
The Bell Trilogy, A Novel, Volume II, 1577 1693 (2016)
The Bell Trilogy, A Novel, Volume III, 1693 1875 (2016)

Languages: French, Russian, Italian, Greek to various degrees. Interests include tennis, playing the piano, singing (St Bartholomew's Hospital choir, South-East Opera, Vinehall Singers), landscape gardening, economics. Member of the Carlton Club.


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