Abrams, D

Chapter Three: abrams1
Chapter Five: abrams2
Chapter Six: abrams3
Chapter Eight: abrams4


Jones, B S

Chapter One: jones1

Adams, R N

Chapter Five: adams1
Chapter Six: adams2


Jones, E E

Chapter Eight: jonese1

Adeyemo, A I

Chapter Four: adey1

  Jonna, R Chapter Two: jonna2

Aiello, L C

Chapter Three: aiello1


Jung, Carl

Chapter Three: jung2, jung3
Chapter Six: jung4
Chapter Seven: jung5, jung6
Appendix Three: jung7

Alesina, A

Chapter Seven: alesina1


Kacelnik, A

Chapter One: kacelnik1
Chapter Two: kacelnik2

Alexander, R

Chapter Six: alex1
Chapter Eight: alex2


Kadota, T

Appendix One: kadota1

Anderson, B

Chapter Five: andersonb1
Chapter Six: andersonb2
Chapter Seven: andersonb3


Kaan, T

Appendix Four: kahan1

Anderson, J

Chapter Five : andersonj1


Kamil, A C

Chapter One: kamil1

Aranguren, G

Chapter One: arang1


Kanamadi, R D

Chapter One: kanamadi1
Chapter Two: kanamadi2

Arendt, Detlev

Chapter One: arendt1


Kaplan, G

Chapter Four: kaplan1

Armstrong, D

Chapter Five: arms1


Karten, H J

Appendix One: karten1
Chapter One: karten2

Asch, S E

Introduction: asch1
Chapter Eight: asch2


Kass, L

Chapter One: kass1

Asimov, I

Chapter Eleven : asimov1  

Kavanaugh, I

Chapter One: kavanaugh1

Asper, K

Chapter Eight: asper1
Appendix Three: asper2


Kessler, R C

Chapter Eleven: kessler1

Atkins, B A

Chapter One: atkins1


Kishida, R

Appendix One: kishida1

Atran, S

Chapter Nine: atran1


Knight, C

Chapter Three: knight1

Ayodele, I A

Chapter Four: ayod1


Knight, C D

Chapter Eight: knight1

Baars, B

Note On Terminology: baars1
Chapter One: baars2
Chapter Eight: baars3, baars4
Appendix Four: baars5, baars6, baars7, baars8

Konner, M

Chapter Three: konner1

Bach-y-Rita, P

Appendix Four: bach1


Kropotkin, P

Chapter Five: krop1, krop2
Chapter Six: krop3, krop4

Balda, R P

Chapter One: balda1


Kuper, A

Chapter Three: kuper1
Chapter Eight: kuper2

Balkin, J M

Chapter Six: balkin1


Kurzweil, R

Chapter Eleven: kurz1

Banks, G

Appendix Four: banks1


Kusunoki, T

Appendix One: kusun1

Bar, I

Chapter One: bar1


Laberge, F S

Chapter One: laberge1

Barber, T X

Appendix Four: barber1


La Berge, S

Appendix Four: laberge2, laberge3, laberge4

Barkow, J H

Chapter Three: barkow1
Chapter Six: barkow2
Chapter Eight: barkow3


Lacey, E A

Chapter One: lacey1

Barth, F

Chapter Eight: barth1


Lack, L

Appendix Four: lack1

Barresi, B

Appendix Four: barresi1


Lavenex, P

Chapter One: laven1, laven2

Bartlett, T L

Chapter Four: bartlett1


Lau, H C

Chapter Five: lau1

Barton, J J S

Appendix Four: barton1


Lea, S E G

Chapter One: lea1

Bauer, R M

Appendix Four: bauer1, bauer2


Lebo, H

Chapter Nine: lebo1

Beam, M

Chapter One: beam1


Leaf, W

Chapter Five: leaf1

Bee, M A

Chapter One: bee1
Chapter Two: bee2


Lebedev, M A

Chapter Eleven: lebe1

Bentley, A F

Chapter Eight: bent1


Le Doux

Appendix Four: ledoux1

Behne, T

Chapter Three: behne1
Chapter Five: behne2


Lee, R B

Chapter Three: leer1

Bell, C

Chapter Three: bell1


Lee, R K

Chapter One: lee1

Bennis, W

Chapter Three: bennis1


Lettvin, J Y

Chapter One: letvin1

Benson, B

Chapter Six: benson1


Levi-Strauss, C

Chapter Eight: levi1

Berdan, F F

Chapter Six: berdan1   

Libet, B

Chapter Five: libet1
Chapter Eight: libet2
Appendix Four: libet3

Berman, K F

Appendix Four: berman1


Lieberman, P

Appendix Four: lieber1

Bernard, N

Chapter Eleven: bernard1


Linder, D E

Chapter Eight: linder1

Bernier, B

Chapter One: bernier1


Loesel, R

Chapter One: loesel1

Berti, A

Appendix Four: berti1, berti2, berti3, berti4


Loop, M S

Chapter One: loop1

Bickerton, D

Chapter Three: bicker1, bicker2, bicker3


Lu, A

Chapter Three: lu1

Binet, A

Appendix Four: binet1


Lumsden, C J

Chapter Three: lumsden1
Chapter Eight: lumsden2
Appendix Three: lumsden3

Biran, I

Appendix Four: biran1


Lynn, W F

Chapter One: lynn1

Bisiach, E

Appendix Four: bisiach1, bisiach2


MacLeod-Morgan, C

Appendix Four: macleod1

Blackmore, S Chapter Two: blackmore1
Chapter Five: blackmore2
Appendix Four: blackmore3

MacLennan, B

Appendix Four: maclennan1

Blakeslee, L Chapter Five: blakes1
Chapter Eight: blakes2
Appendix Three: blakes3

Maine, H

Chapter Six: maine1
Chapter Eight: maine2

Bloch, N Chapter Five: bloch1  

Malinowski, B

Chapter Three: malinowski1, malinowski2
Chapter Five: malinowski3, malinowski4
Chapter Six: malinowski5, malinowski6, malinowski7,
Chapter Eight: malinowski8

Block, N Note On Terminology: block1
Chapter Two: block2
Chapter Eight: block3
Appendix Four: block4

Marshall, J

Appendix Four: marsh1

Bloom, P Chapter Three: bloom1  

Martin, R A

Chapter One: martin1, martin2
Chapter Two: martin3

Bluff, L A Chapter One: bluff1
Chapter Two: bluff2

Martins, E P

Chapter Four: martins1

Boesche, C

Chapter Three: boesche1


Mathis, A

Chapter One: mathis1,
Chapter Two: mathis2

Bogert, C M

Chapter One: bogert1


Maturana, H R

Chapter One: maturana1,

Boice, R Chapter Four: boice1  

Mayer, A R

Chapter Five: mayer1

Bond, A B

Chapter One: bond1


McComb, K

Appendix Four: mccomb1

Borgo, J S

Chapter One: borgo1


McCullough, W S

Chapter One: mccull1

Bossen, L Chapter Five: bossen1  

McDowell, M J

Appendix Three: mcdow1

Bostock, E

Chapter One: bostock1


McKenna, T J

Chapter One: mcken1

Bottini, G

Appendix Four: bottini1


Mead, G H

Chapter Five: meadg1

Boyd, R

Chapter Three: boyd1
Chapter Five: boyd2
Chapter Seven: boyd3


Mead, M

Chapter Five: meadm1

Boyer, P Chapter Three: boyer1
Chapter Eight: boyer2

Meador, K J

Appendix Four: meador1

Brandon, R N

Chapter Three: brandon1


Medley, K A

Chapter One: medley1
Chapter Two: medley2

Braun, C B

Chapter One: braun1


Meyer, E

Appendix Four: meyer1

Brazeau, D

Chapter Four: brazeau1


Miller, G A

Appendix Four: miller1

Brown, L

Chapter One: brown1


Milner, A D

Appendix Four: milner1, milner2

Bruneau, J

Chapter Eleven: bruneau1


Mithen, S

Chapter Two: mithen1
Chapter Six: mithen2
Chapter Eight: mithen3

Burghardt, G M

Chapter One: burgh1


Mitroff, I I

Chapter Three: mitroff1
Appendix Three: mitroff2

Cabanac, M

Chapter One: cabanac1


Mitsopoulos, K

Chapter One: mitso1

Call, J

Chapter Three: call1
Chapter Five: call2


Miyawaki, Y

Chapter Eleven: miya1

Cambier, J

Appendix Four: cambier1


Mock, D W

Chapter Four: mock1

Campbell, P

Chapter Eleven: camp1


Moll, H

Chapter Three: moll1

Cappa, S

Appendix Four: cappa1

  Mooney, D J

Chapter Eleven: mooney1

Carey, J H

Appendix One: carey1

  Morris, J S

Appendix Four: morris1

Carli, L L

Chapter Three: carli1


Muhlenbrock, L

Chapter One: muhlen1

Carpenter, C C

Chapter One: carpenter1

  Mumford, D

Appendix One: mumford1

Carpenter, M

Chapter Three: carpenterm1
Chapter Five: carpenterm2


Nadel, A

Chapter Five: nadel1

Carrier, J C

Chapter One: carrier1


Naeser, M A

Appendix Four: naeser1

Carruthers, P

Chapter Five: carruthers1


Nagel, T

Note On Terminology: nagel1
Chapter Five: nagel2
Appendix Four: nagel3

Chagnon, N

Chapter Six: chagnon1


Nakayama, K

Appendix Four: nakaya1

Chalmers, D J

Note On Terminology: chalmers1


Nash, E G

Chapter Six: nash1

Chance, M

Chapter Three: chance1


Naudin, J

Appendix Four: naudin1

Changizi, M A

Chapter One: chang1


Neiuwenhuys, R

Appendix One: neiuw1

Chastenet, A-M-J

Appendix Four: chas1


Nelson, S B

Chapter One: nelson1

Chatterjee, A

Appendix Four: chatter1


Neppi-Modona, M

Appendix Four: neppi1

Cheney, D

Chapter Three: cheney1
Chapter Five: cheney2


Neumann, Erich

Introduction: neumann1
Chapter Two: neumann2
Chapter Three: neumann3, neumann4, neumann5
Chapter Five: neumann6
Chapter Seven: neumann7
Chapter Eight: neumann9
Appendix Three: neumann10, neumann11

Cherkasova, M

Appendix Four: cherka1


Noble, J

Chapter Three: noble1

Chomsky, N

Appendix Three: chom1


Northcutt, R H

Chapter One: north1

Churchland, P S

Chapter One: church1, church2


Olsen, M

Chapter Seven: olsen1

Clayton, N S

Chapter One: clayton1, clayton2
Chapter Five: clayton3


O'Connor, M

Appendix Four: oconnor1

Cnotka, J

Chapter One: cnotka1
Chapter Two: cnotka2


Owen, P W

Chapter One: owen1
Chapter Two: owen2

Coe, W C

Appendix Four: coe1


Owings, D H

Chapter Two: owings1

Collier, R S

Chapter One: collier1
Chapter Two: collier2


Passingham, R E

Chapter Five: passing1


Introduction: confucius1


Patterson, F

Chapter Five: patterson1

Conner, L M

Chapter One: conner1


Payne, J D

Chapter Five: payne1

Conover, L R

Chapter One: conover1


Paz-y-Mino, C G

Chapter One: pazymino1

Cooper, J

Chapter Eight: cooper1


Pearlmutter, B A

Chapter Two: pearl1

Cooper, R

Chapter Seven: cooper4


Peleg, G

Chapter Three: peleg1

Cooper, R C

Chapter One: cooper1
Chapter Two: cooper2


Penfield, W

Appendix Four: penfield1

Cooper, W E, Jr

Chapter One: cooper2, cooper3


Perot, P

Appendix Four: perot1

Corballis, M C

Chapter Five: corbal1


Perrill, S A

Chapter One: perrill1
Chapter Two: perrill2

Cosmides, L

Chapter Three: cosmides1
Chapter Six: cosmides2
Chapter Eight: cosmides3


Peterson, M G

Chapter One: peterson1

Coulson, S D

Chapter Eight: coulson1


Pia, L

Appendix Four: pia1, pia2

Covi, E

Appendix Four: covi1


Piaget, J

Chapter Eight: piaget1
Appendix Three: piaget2

Cronin-Golomb, A

Appendix Four: cronin1


Pieau, C

Chapter One: pieau1

Crow, T J

Appendix Four: crow1


Pinker, S

Chapter Three: pinker1, pinker2

Crump, M L

Chapter One: crump1
Chapter Two: crump2


Pitts, W H

Chapter One: pitts1

Crow, T J

Chapter Eight: crow1


Platel, R

Chapter One: platel1

Dally, J M

Chapter One: dally1



Appendix Four: plato1

Damasio, A R

Note On Terminology: damasio1, damasio2, damasio3
Chapter One: damasio4
Chapter Five: damasio5, damasio6
Chapter Eight: damasio7
, damasio8, damasio9, damasio10
Appendix Four: damasio11, damasio12, damasio13


Plotnik, J M

Chapter Five: plotnik1

Damasio, H

Chapter Three: damasioh1
Appendix Four: damasioh2


Posner, M I

Appendix Four: posner1

Darwin, C

Chapter Eight: darwin1


Powell, M L

Chapter One: powell1

Davis, K M Chapter One: davis1  

Power, C

Chapter Eight: power1, power2

Dawkins, R Chapter One: dawkins1
Chapter Three: dawkins2
Chapter Eight: dawkins3, dawkins4
Appendix Three: dawkins5

Powers, A S

Chapter One: powers1

Deacon, T W

Appendix One: deacon1


Pratt, H L

Chapter One: pratt1

De Backer, C J S

Chapter Eight: debacker1


Prescott, T J

Chapter Eight: pres1

De Campos-Baptista, M I

Chapter One: decampos1


Pribram, K H

Appendix Four: pribram1

De Gelder, B

Appendix Four: degel1, degel2, degel3


Prior, H

Chapter Two: prior1

De Haan, E H

Appendix Four: dehaan1


Prince, M

Appendix Four: prince1

De Jouvenel, B

Chapter Three: dejouv1
Chapter Five: dejouv2
Chapter Six: dejouv3, dejouv4
Chapter Seven: dejouv5, dejouv6
Chapter Eight: dejouv7


Prinz, W

Chapter Two: prinz1
Chapter Eight: prinz2, prinz3

Dennett, D C

Chapter Five: dennett1
Chapter Eight: dennett2
Appendix Four: dennett3


Pritz, M B

Chapter One: pritz1

De Rouvroit, C L

Chapter One: derouv1


Proops, L

Appendix Four: proops1

Descartes, R

Appendix Three: descar1


Putnam, F W

Appendix Four: putnam1

Dessalles, J-L

Chapter Three: dess1


Quayle, V A

Chapter One: quayle1

Deutsch, M

Chapter Six: deutsch1
Chapter Eight: deutsch2


Rabuffetti, M

Appendix Four: rabuf1

De Vore, I

Chapter Three: devore1, devore2


Radcliffe-Brown, A R

Chapter Seven: radcliffe1
Chapter Eight: radcliffe2

De Waal, F

Chapter Five: dewaal1
Chapter Six: dewaal2


Raichle, M E

Appendix Four: raichle1

Dhondt, A A

Chapter One: dhondt1


Raikova, O I

Chapter One : raikova1

Dickinson, A

Chapter One: dickin1

  Ramachandran, V S Chapter Five: rama1
Chapter Eight: rama2
Appendix Three: rama3

Dolan, R J

Appendix Four: dolan1


Rao, S M

Chapter Five: rao1

Dollinger, P

Chapter Six: doll1

  Reader, J Chapter Eight: reader1

Dorresteijn, A

Chapter One: dorres1


Reams, R D

Chapter One : reams1

Donald, J A

Chapter One: donaldj1


Reby, D

Appendix Four: reby1

Douvris, C

Chapter One: douvris1


Reiner, A

Appendix One: reiner1
Chapter One : reiner2, reiner3

Donald, M

Chapter Three: donaldm1, donaldm2, donaldm3, donaldm4
Chapter Five: donaldm5, donaldm6, donaldm10
Chapter Six: donaldm7
Chapter Seven: donaldm8, donaldm9
Appendix Three: donaldm11


Reiss, D

Chapter Five: reiss1

Done, D J

Appendix Four: done1


Reuter, M

Chapter One : reuter1

Duchaine, B

Appendix Four: duchaine1


Ricci, R

Appendix Four: ricci1

Dunbar, R I M

Chapter Three: dunbar1, dunbar2, dunbar3, dunbar4, dunbar5, dunbar6
Chapter Five: dunbar7

Chapter Eight: dunbar8


Richerson, P J

Chapter Three: richer1
Chapter Five: richer2
Chapter Five: richer3

Durkheim, E

Chapter Three: durk1
Chapter Five: durk2
, durk3
Chapter Six: durk4
, durk5
Chapter Seven: durk6
Chapter Eight: durk7, durk8


Ridley, M

Chapter Three: ridley1, ridley2, ridley3
Chapter Five: ridley4, ridley5
Chapter Six: ridley6, ridley7, ridley8, ridley9,
Appendix Three: ridley10

Eagly, A H

Chapter Three: eagly1


Rilling, J K

Chapter One : rilling1

Earle, T

Chapter Five: earle1


Rivas, J A

Chapter One : rivas1

Edelman, G M

Note On Terminology: edelman1, edelman2, edelman3
Chapter Two: edelman4, edelman5, edelman6, edelman7, edelman9
Chapter Three: edelman8
Chapter Five: edelman10, edelman11,
Chapter Eight: edelman12
Appendix Four: edelman13


Roberts, J C

Chapter Five: roberts1

Edenburg, H J

Chapter Eleven: eden1


Robinson, F N

Chapter One : robinson1

Egger, M V

Chapter Eight: egger1


Rogers, L J

Chapter Four: rogers1

Emery, N J

Chapter One: emery1
Chapter Five: emery2


Roth, G

Chapter One : roth1

Emler, N

Chapter Three: emler1


Roth, J D

Chapter Four : roth2

Erlacher, D

Appendix Four: erlach1


Routy, J-P

Chapter Eleven: routy1

Evans, D H

Chapter One: evans1


Ruse, M

Chapter Two: ruse1
Chapter Eight: ruse2, ruse3
Evans-Pritchard, E E Chapter Three: evansp1
Chapter Six: evansp2
Chapter Eight: evansp3

Russell, B

Chapter Eight: russellb1

Ewert, J P

Chapter One: ewert1


Russell, M J

Chapter One: russell1

Falk, D

Chapter One: falk1


Rutz, C

Chapter One: rutz1
Chapter Two: rutz2

Fallows, C

Chapter One: fallows1
Chapter Two: fallows2


Ryan, M J

Chapter One : ryan1

Farah, M J

Chapter Eleven: farah1


Saffran, E M

Appendix Four: saff1

Fehr, E

Chapter Six: fehr1


Sahakian, B

Chapter Eleven: sahak1

Feng, A S

Chapter One: feng1


Sanders, M D

Appendix Four: sand1

Festinger, L

Chapter Eight: festing1


Sanides, F

Appendix One: sanides1

Fisher, L E

Chapter Two: fisher1
Appendix Four: fisher2, fisher3


Sarbin, T R

Appendix Four: sarbin1

Fitzpatrick, P M

Appendix Four: fitz1


Scepkowski, L A

Appendix Four: scep1

Flanagan, O

Note On Terminology: flanagan1


Schacter, D

Chapter Eight: schact1

Flor-Henry, P

Appendix Four: flor1


Schapira, L L

Appendix Four: scha1

Foroud, T

Chapter Eleven: foroud1


Schenker, N

Chapter Three: schenker1

Fortes, M

Chapter Five: fortes1
Chapter Eight: fortes2, fortes3
Appendix Three: fortes4


Schmandt-Besserat, D

Chapter Five: schmandt2
Chapter Six: schmandt1

Fox, A M

Chapter One: fox1


Schmidt, D W

Chapter One: schmidt1
Chapter Two: schmidt2

Fox, B

Chapter Eleven: fox2


Schneider, H

Chapter One: schneider1

Frank, R H

Chapter Three: frank1
Chapter Eight: frank2


Schneider, K

Appendix Four: schneider2

Frere, C

Appendix Four: frere1


Schred, M

Appendix Four: schred1

Frith, C D

Appendix Four: frith1


Schwagmeyer, P L

Chapter Four: schwag1

Gachter, S

Chapter Six: gachter1


Schwartz, A

Chapter One: schwartz1
Chapter Two: schwartz2

Galanter, E

Appendix Four: galant1


Scott, I

Chapter One: scott1

Galef, B G

Chapter Four: galef1


Seabright, P

Chapter Six: seabright1, seabright2
Chapter Eight: seabright3

Gallup, G G

Chapter Five: gallups1


Seed, A M

Chapter One: seed1

Gallup, G G, Jnr

Chapter Five: gallup1


Semendefri, K L A

Chapter Three: semend1

Gamble, C

Chapter Six: gamble1


Seyfarth, R

Chapter Three: seyfarth1
Chapter Five: seyfarth2

Gasquoine, P G

Appendix Four: gasq1


Sharp, L

Chapter Six: sharp1

Gazzaniga, M

Chapter Eleven: gazza1
Appendix Four: gazza2, gazza3, gazza4, gazza5


Sherif, M

Introduction: sherif1
Chapter Six: sherif2
Chapter Eight: sherif3

Geminiani, G

Appendix Four: gemin1


Shiflett, M W

Chapter One: shiflett1

Gerard, H B

Chapter Six: gerard1
Chapter Eight: gerard2


Shillito, D P

Chapter Five : shillito1

Gibbs, S E B

Chapter One: gibbs1


Shimizu, A

Appendix One: shimizu1

Gilbert, J D

Chapter One: gilbert1


Shimojo, S

Chapter One: shimojo1

Gillette, J R

Chapter One: gillette1, gillette2
Chapter Two: gillette3


Silva, E A

Chapter Eleven: silva1

Gluckman, M

Chapter Eight: gluck1


Simmel, G

Chapter Five : simmel1

Goffinet, A M

Chapter One: goffi1


Sims, D W

Chapter One: sims1

Goldberg, J

Appendix Four: goldberg1


Smallwood, P D

Chapter One: smallw1

Goldstein, A

Chapter Eleven: gold1



Introduction: socrates1

Gonzales, J C

Appendix Four: gonza1


Southall, E J

Chapter One: southall1

Goodale, M A

Appendix Four: goodale1, goodale2

  Sower, S A

Chapter One: sower1

Goodbody, I

Appendix One: goodbody1


Spencer, H

Chapter Seven: spencer1

Gordon, W

Chapter Five: gordon1


Sperry, R W

Appendix Four: sperry1

Gray, R M

Chapter Three: gray1, gray2, gray3, gray4
Appendix Three: gray5


Spiegel, D

Appendix Four: spiegel1

Greenburg, N

Chapter One: greenb1


Spinazzola, L

Appendix Four: spina1

Greenfield, S

Appendix Four: greenf1


Spritzer, M D

Chapter Four: spritz1

Greenwood, P

Appendix Four: greenw1


Squire, L R

Chapter Two: squire1,

Greely, H

Chapter Eleven: greely1


Steele, M A

Chapter One: steele1, steele2
Chapter Three: steele3

Greenberg, N

Chapter Four: greenberg1

  Stern, J

Chapter Nine: stern1

Greenfield, S

Chapter Eleven: green1

  Sterzi, R

Appendix Four: sterzi1

Gregory, R L

Appendix Four: greg1


Stone, M O

Chapter One: stone1

Greve, K W

Appendix Four: greve1


Stoney, S D

Appendix Four: stoney1

Gross, C

Chapter Seven: gross1


Storring, G

Appendix Four: storring1

Gruber, S H

Chapter One: gruber1


Strange, P G

Appendix Four: strange1

Grunwald, W

Chapter One: grunwald1


Striedter, G F

Chapter Three: streidt1

Güntürkün, O

Chapter One: gunturk1
Chapter Two: gunturk2


Studdert-Kennedy, M

Chapter Three: studd1

Gur, R C

Appendix Four: gur1


Suddendorf, TL

Chapter Five: sudden1

Gur, R E

Appendix Four: gur2


Sumner, P

Appendix Four: sumner1

Gurney, E

Appendix Four: gurney1

  Surowiecki, J Chapter Eight: suro1

Gurven, M

Chapter Eight: gurven1


Szechtman, J

Appendix Four: szec1

Gustafsson, M K S

Chapter One: gustaf1


Taylor, J G

Chapter One: taylor1
Chapter Two: taylor2, taylor3

Guzeldere, G

Note On Terminology: guzel1


Takaura, K

Appendix Four: takaura1

Hadjikhani, N

Appendix Four: hadji1


Taylor, M

Chapter Five: taylorm1

Halkin, S L

Chapter One: halkin1


Telford, M J

Appendix One: telford1
Chapter One: telford2

Hammerschlag, N

Chapter One: hammer1
Chapter Two: hammer2


Tessmar, K

Chapter One: tessmar1

Hardcastle, V G

Appendix Four: hard1


Tiger, L

Chapter Three: tiger1
Chapter Five: tiger2

Hare, B

Chapter Three: hareb1


Tomasello, M

Chapter Three: tomas1
Chapter Five: tomas2

Hare, J F

Chapter One: hare1


Tooby, J

Chapter Three: tooby1, tooby2
Chapter Six: tooby3,
Chapter Eight: tooby4

Harrington, D L

Chapter Five: harring1


Toop, T

Chapter One: toop1

Harris, J

Chapter Eleven: harris2


Tranel, E

Appendix Four: tranel1

Harris, T W

Chapter One: harris1


Trivers, R

Chapter Three: trivers1, trivers2
Chapter Six: trivers3,
Chapter Eight: trivers4, trivers5, trivers6,

Hartdegen, R W

Chapter One: hartdegen1


Turner, J C

Chapter Five: turner1

Hartline, P H

Chapter One: hartline1


Twain, M

Chapter Eight: twain1

Hawkins, M

Appendix Three: hawk1


Vaas, R

Appendix Four: vaas1

Healey, C

Chapter Six: healey1


Vallar, G

Appendix Four: vallar1

Heidel, A

Chapter Five: heidel1


Van Hoesen, G W

Chapter One: vanhoes1

Helm-Estabrooks, N

Appendix Four: helm1


Van Hooser, S D

Chapter One: vanhoos1

Hennessy, D F

Chapter Two: henness1


Van Schaik, C

Chapter Three: vansch1

Herrick, C J

Appendix One: herrick1


Velmans, M

Appendix Four: velman1

Hersek, M J

Chapter Two: hersek1


Von Franz, M-L

Appendix Three: vonfrantz1

Heuer, C M

Chapter One: heuer1


Vuillemier, P

Appendix Four: vuille1

Hilgard, E R

Appendix Four: hilgard1, hilgard2


Wallace, B

Chapter Two: wallace1
Appendix Four: wallace2, wallace3

Hilgard, J R

Appendix Four: hilgard3


Wallas, G

Appendix Three: wallas1

Hill, K

Chapter Six: hill1


Warrington, E K

Appendix Four: warr1

Hillegass, M A

Chapter Four: hille1


Wassermann, E M

Chapter Eleven: wassermann1

Hiremath, C R

Chapter One: hiremath1
Chapter Two: hiremath2


Waterman, J M

Chapter Four: water1

Hobson, J A

Appendix Four: hobson1


Watts, I

Chapter Eight: watts1

Hoffman, M H

Chapter One: hoffman1


Wauters, L A

Chapter One: wauter1

Hofmann, F

Chapter Eleven: hofman1


Wegner, D M

Chapter Two: wegner1
Chapter Five: wegner2
Chapter Eight: wegner3, wegner4, wegner5
Appendix Four: wegner6, wegner7, wegner8

Hogan, J

Chapter Eleven: hogan1


Weinberger, D R

Appendix Four: weinb1

Hogenson, G B

Appendix Three: hogenson1


Weingaertner, A H

Appendix Four: wein1

Hogg, M A

Chapter Three: hogg1
Chapter Five: hogg2
Chapter Six: hogg3
Chapter Eight: hogg4


Weinstein, E A

Appendix Four: weins1

Hoke, K L

Chapter One: hoke1


Weir, A A S

Chapter One: weir1
Chapter Two: weir2

Holtzmann, D L

Chapter One: holtz1


Weiskrantz, L

Appendix Four: weiz1, weiz2

Hoppe, K D

Appendix Four: hoppe1


Westermarck, E

Chapter Six: wester1

Hopper, E

Chapter Five: hopper1
Chapter Eight: hopper2


Wheatley, T

Chapter Five: wheatley1

Hornstein, N

Chapter Three: hornstein1


Whitney, N M

Chapter One: whitney1

Houghton, C J

Chapter Two: hought1


Whitten, A

Chapter Three: whitten1

Humphrey, M E

Appendix Four: humph4


Wieczorek, J R

Chapter One: wiecz1

Humphrey, N

Chapter Two: humph1
Chapter Five: humph2
Chapter Eight: humph3


Wilczynski, W

Chapter One: wilczy1

Husain, M

Appendix Four: husain1


Wilson, D H

Appendix Four: wilson6, wilson7

Husband, S A

Appendix One: husband1


Wilson, D S

Chapter Three: wilson1
Chapter Five: wilson3

Huxley, J H

Chapter Eight: huxley1, huxley2


Wilson, E O

Chapter Three: wilson2
Chapter Eight: wilson4
Appendix Three: wilson5

Isa, T

Appendix Four: isa1

  Wicht, H

Chapter One: wicht1

Isaac, G L

Chapter Three: isaac1


Wimpenny, J H

Chapter One: wimpenny1
Chapter Two: wimpenny2

Jacobs, L F

Chapter One: jacobs1, jacobs2, jacobs3


Wittbrodt, J

Chapter One: witt1

Jaeger, R G

Chapter One: jaeger1, jaeger2
Chapter Two: jaeger3


Witter, D W

Chapter Four: witter1

James, William

Note On Terminology: james1
Chapter Five: james2, james3
Chapter Eight: james4, james5
Appendix Four: james6, james7


Yamamoto, K

Appendix One: yama1
Chapter One: yama2

Jaynes, Julian

Note On Terminology: jaynes1
Chapter Three: jaynes2
Chapter Five: jaynes3, jaynes6
Chapter Six: jaynes4, jaynes5
Chapter Eight: jaynes7, jaynes8, jaynes9
Appendix Four: jaynes10, jaynes11, jaynes12


Yarmoosh, M M

Chapter One: yarmoosh1

Jeannerod, M

Chapter Five : jeanne1
Chapter Eight: jeanne2


Yoshida, M

Appendix Four: yoshida1

Jirankali, C S

Chapter One: jirankali1
Chapter Two: jirankali2


Young, B

Chapter One: young1

Johnson, A

Chapter Five: johnson1


Young, M

Chapter Six: youngm1

Jondelius, U

Chapter One: jond1


Zangwill, O L

Appendix Four: zang1

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