Acoeli, brain-stem in

Appendix One: acoeli1

  language, lessons for concept representation in the brain from aphasics

Appendix Four: slang17

Acoeli, level of consciousness Chapter One: acoeli2   language, not needed for planning

Chapter Five: slang9

Acoeli, nervous system Chapter One: acoeli3   language, spread of national ls. in modern times

Chapter Five: slang11
Chapter Ten: slang15

A-consciousness (in Block)

Note On Terminology: acon1

  language, storage of in the brain

Chapter Ten: slang17
Chapter Eleven: slang18

Actinopterygians, social behaviour Chapter Two: actino1   language, translation of

Chapter Ten: slang16

agnosia Appendix Four: agnosia1   language, used for group purposes

Chapter Three: slang8

alien hand syndrome Appendix Four: alien1   law, evolution of

Chapter Six: law5

altruism, in crows

Chapter One: altruism1

  law, in mediaeval europe

Chapter Six: law3

altruism, in primates

Chapter Three : altruism3, altruism4

  law, as a foundation of the human group

Chapter Three: law1, law2

altruism, in squirrels

Chapter One: altruism2

  law, future of

Chapter Eleven: law8

Amish, the, as type of pre-modern group

Chapter Three: amish1
Chapter Eleven:amish2

  law, on the Internet

Chapter Nine: law7

amniotes, evolution of Chapter One: amniote1   law, taken over by the State

Chapter Six: law6

amphibians, brain of

Appendix One: amphibb1,
  lex mercatoria, in mediaeval europe

Chapter Six: law4

amphibians, consciousness in

Note On Terminology: amphib1, amphib2,
Chapter One: amphib3,
Chapter Two: amphib4


limbic system, the

Note On Terminology: limbic1,
Chapter One: limbic2

amphibians, evolution of Chapter One: amphib4  

lizards, evolution and brain of

Appendix One: lizard1
Chapter One: lizard3

amphibians, mating behaviour Chapter One: amphib6   lizard, level of consciousness Chapter One: lizard2
amphibians, sensory input Chapter One: amphib5   lizards, sensory apparatus Chapter One: lizard4
amphibians, transition to land Chapter Two: amphib7  

lobe-finned fish, evolution and brain of

Appendix One: lobefin1

amygdala, the

Note On Terminology: amyg1;
Appendix One: amyg2,
  magic, among the Kula Chapter Six: magic1
Chapter Eight: magic2
amygdala, in salamander Chapter One: amyg3   mammals, communication between Chapter One: mammal4


Introduction: anomie1


mammals, consciousness in

Note On Terminology: mamcon1; mamcon2
Chapter One: mamcon2


Chapter Eight: anosog1
Appendix Four: anosog2

  mammals, evolution of brain Chapter One: mammal1, mammal2
anosognosia, as result of shortage of left-brain capacity

Appendix Four: anosog3

  mammals, sensory apparatus of Chapter One: mammal3

Appendix Four: aphasia1

  mappings, in brain, competition between Chapter Two: maps10


Chapter Six: arb1   mappings, in brain, failure of as cause of schizophrenia Appendix Four: maps11


Appendix Three: arche9   mappings, in brain of birds Chapter One: maps6

archetypes, as a tool in the formation of human groups

Chapter Three: arche5
Chapter Eight: arche6, arche7
Appendix Three: arche12

  mappings, in brain of hagfish Chapter One: maps2

archetypes, evolution of

Appendix Three: arche10   mappings, in brain of mammals Chapter One: maps7

archetypes, in humans

Chapter Three: arche4
Chapter Eight: arche8

  mappings, in brain of Nereis Chapter One: maps1

archetypes, in animals

Chapter Two: arche2
Chapter Three: arche3

  mappings, in brain of salamander Chapter One: maps4

archetypes, of the triangle

Appendix Three: arche11   mappings, in brain of shark Chapter One: maps3

archetypes, relationship to sensory concepts

Chapter Two: arche1

  mappings, in brain of snake Chapter One: maps5

artificial intelligence

Introduction: ai1

  mappings, in brain of squirrel Chapter One: maps8

arts, the, place in consciousness

Chapter Ten: arts1

  mappings, in memory formation Appendix One: maps9

Ascidia, brain in

Appendix One: ascidia1



Chapter Seven: marriage1


Note On Terminology: att1
Chapter Three: att2

  Masons, The, as equivalent to The Fathers

Chapter Three: masons1

Augustine, consciousness of Chapter Five: august1  

mating, in Sauropsids

Appendix One: mate1

autobiographical self (in Damasio)

Note On Terminology: autoself1, autoself2
Chapter Five: autoself3
Chapter Eight: autoself4


media, the, place in consciousness

Chapter Ten: media1

automatic driving, lack of conscious control in

Chapter Eight: autodrive1


meditation, as communication with the unconscious

Chapter Eight: meditate1


Chapter Eleven: avatar1



Note On Terminology: memory1
Appendix One: memory2

basal ganglia

Appendix One: basal1, basal2,   memory, deficits in schizophrenia Appendix Four: memory18

basal ganglia, in birds

Chapter One: basal3,

  memory, inaccessiblility of Chapter Eight: memory15

basal ganglia, in mammals

Chapter One: basal4,

  memory, in amphibians Chapter Two: memory12

bilateralization of the brain, connection with language

Chapter Eight: bilateral1

  memory, in birds Chapter One: memory7

bilateralization of the brain, improving hemispherical communication

Chapter Eleven: bilateral3

  memory, in humans, improvement of Chapter Eleven: memory16, memory17

bilateralization of the brain, origins

Chapter Eight: bilateral2

  memory, in mammals Chapter One: memory8

bio-electronic tissue fabrication

Chapter Eleven: bionic2

  memory, in the hagfish Chapter One: memory3

bionic improvements to humans

Chapter Eleven: bionic1

  memory, in sharks Chapter One: memory4

birds, consciousness in

Note On Terminology: birdcon1, birdcon2, birdcon3
Chapter One:
Chapter Two: birdcon5

  memory, in Sauropsids Chapter One: memory5

birds, evolution and brain of

Introduction: birdevol1
Appendix One: birdevol2
Chapter One: birdevol3 
  memory, in snakes Chapter One: memory6
birds, social role of song

Chapter One: birdsong1

  memory, in squirrels Chapter One: memory9, memory10,
birds, tool use by

Chapter One: birdtool1
Chapter Two: birdtool2

  memory, rehearsed in dreaming Chapter Five: memory14

Appendix Four: blind1

  memory, role of categories in Chapter Two: memory11

brain, anatomy of

Introduction: braina1
Appendix One: braina2
  memory, varieties of Chapter Two: memory13
brain, Broca's area

Chapter Three : brainbroc1


merchant guilds, collective responsibilities

Chapter Seven: guild4

brain, consciousness in

Note On Terminology: braincon1 
Appendix One:


merchant guilds, in Aztec Empire

Chapter Six: guild2

brain, enlargement of the

Introduction: braine1
Chapter One: braine2
Chapter Three: braine3


merchant guilds, in mediaeval Europe

Chapter Six: guild1, guild3

brain, evolution of the

Appendix One: brainevol1
Chapter One: brainevol2,
Chapter Three: brainevol3



Note On Terminology: metacog1
Chapter Five: metacog3
Chapter Eight: metacog5, metacog6, metacog7
Appendix Four: metacog8

brain, groupishness in the

Chapter Eleven: braingroup1


meta-cognition, absent in the Kula

Chapter Six: metacog4

brain, possible improvements to the

Chapter Eleven: brainevol4, brainevol5


mid-brain, the

Note On Terminology: midbrain1,
Chapter One: midbrain2

brain size, relationship to language

Chapter Three: brainsize3



Note On Terminology: mindread1
Chapter Eight: mindread2

brain size, relationship to sociality

Chapter One: brainsize1,
Chapter Three: brainsize2

  mirror test

Chapter Five : mirror1

brain-stem, the

Appendix One: brainstem1

  monkey, level of consciousness Chapter One: monkey1
brain, Wernicke's area

Chapter Three : brainwer1

  monkey, brain control of robot arm by Chapter Eleven: monkey2


Chapter One: category1,
Chapter Two: category2, category3
Chapter Five: category4,



Introduction: moral2, moral3
Chapter Six: moral7
Chapter Seven:moral9
Chapter Eleven:moral12

categorizing responsiveness

Note On Terminology: catres1
Chapter One:
catres2, catres3, catres4
Chapter Eight: catres7

  morality, as an elitist good

Chapter Six: moral8

categorizing responsiveness, in amphibians

Chapter One: catres5

  morality, as supplied by the group

Chapter Five : moral4

categorizing responsiveness, in birds

Chapter One: catres6

  morality, derived from trade

Chapter Six: moral5

cerebellum, the Note On Terminology: cerebellum1
Appendix One: cerebellum2
  morality, in modern times

Chapter Six: moral6

cerebellum, in amphibians

Chapter One: cerebellum3,

  morality, in the bilateralized brain

Chapter Eight: moral10

cerebrum, the Note On Terminology: cerebrum1
Appendix One: cerebrum2
  morality, on the Internet

Chapter Nine: moral11

Chondrichthians Appendix One: chond1   moral sentiments

Chapter Three: moral4

Chondrichthians, level of consciousness Chapter One: chond2   multiple personality disorder

Appendix Four: mpd1

Chondrichthians, nervous system Chapter One: chond3   mushroom bodies Chapter One: mushroom1
Cnidarian, level of consciousness Chapter One: cnid1   music, origins in the group

Chapter Three: music1

Cnidarian, nervous system Chapter One: cnid2   myth, linked to archetypes

Appendix Three: myth6

cognitive dissonance, theory of

Chapter Eight: cogdiss1

  myth, as precursor of religion

Chapter Eight: myth5

cognitive enhancement

Chapter Eleven: cogplus1

  myth, as social glue in groups

Chapter Three: myth1, myth2

collective, the

Introduction: coll1
Chapter Eleven:coll2
Appendix Four: coll3


myth, among the Kula

Chapter Six: myth3 
collective unconscious, as in Jung

Chapter Six: collun2
Chapter Eleven:collun3


myth, supplanted by religion

Chapter Seven: myth4 
collective unconscious, archetypes in

Chapter Three: collun1
Appendix Three:collun4

  Myxine, level of consciousness Chapter One: myxine1
collective unconscious, origins

Appendix Three: collun5

  Myxine, nervous system Chapter One: myxine2
collectivism, v individualism Chapter Five: collect1  

narratives, as life scripts

Chapter Eight: narrate1 
commercial law, origin in groups Chapter Six: commlaw1  

narrative self, the, in split-brain subjects

Appendix Four: narrate2 
commissurotomy Appendix Four: commiss1  

narrative self, the, failure in schizophrenics

Appendix Four: narrate3 
communication, in amphibians Chapter One: commun2
Chapter Two: commun1

nation state, and the Internet

Chapter Nine: natstate7, natstate8
communication, non-verbal, in primates and humans

Chapter Three: commun3


nation state, as the enemy of trade

Chapter Six: natstate2
competition, between groups Chapter Six: compete1
Chapter Seven: compete2

nation state, emergence of

Chapter Five: natstate1
concepts, role in categorization Chapter Two: concept1  

nation state, ethical monopoly of

Chapter Seven: natstate5
confabulation Chapter Eight: confab1  

nation state, future of

Chapter Eleven: natstate10, natstate11
conformity Introduction: conform1
Chapter Six: conform2
Chapter Eleven: conform5

nation state, impact on human consciousness

Chapter Ten: natstate9
conformity, in the human group Chapter Six: conform3
Chapter Eight: conform4
Appendix Three: conform6

nation state, impact on human groups

Chapter Seven: natstate4
consciousness, and hypnotism

Appendix Four: conhyp1


nation state, post-modern

Chapter Seven: natstate6
consciousness, as a consequence of sociality Chapter Two: consoc1  

nation state, supremacy of

Chapter Seven: natstate3
consciousness, definition of Introduction: condef1, condef2  

national identity, recent growth of

Chapter Five: nat1
consciousness, expanded by ESS Chapter Seven: coness1  

NCC (the neural correlates of consciousness)

Note On Terminology: ncc1,
Appendix One: ncc2

Chapter Five: ncc3
Chapter Eight: ncc4

consciousness, globalization of Chapter Ten: conglo1  

NCC, evidence from agnosia about the

Appendix Four: ncc5 
consciousness, higher order Note On Terminology: conhigh1  


Chapter Eight: neod1
consciousness, in agnosia

Appendix Four: conag1, conag2

  Nereis diversicolor, nervous system Chapter One: nereisd1
consciousness, in alien hand control

Appendix Four: conalien1

  neurons, interfaced with electronic components Chapter Eleven: neuron1
consciousness, in animals Introduction: conan1;
Note On Terminology: conan2
  neurotransmitters, in Myxine Chapter One: neurotran1
consciousness, in aphasics

Appendix Four: conaph1


'new-age' philosophies

Chapter Seven: newage1
consciousness, in blindsight

Appendix Four: conblind1

  norms, as an aspect of conformity Chapter Six: norms1
consciousness, in humans

Chapter Three: conhum1


pallium, the

Note On Terminology: pall1,
Appendix One: pall2
consciousness, in humans, extension of

Chapter Eleven: conhum2

  pallium, the, in birds Chapter One: pall3
consciousness, in split-brain subjects

Appendix Four: consplit1, consplit2

  parental care, in amphibians Chapter One: parent1
Chapter Two: parent2
consciousness, in squirrels Chapter One: consqui1  


Chapter Eight: patriot1

consciousness, inevitability of Chapter Eight: coninev1  

'people power'

Chapter Eleven: people1

consciousness, James's view of Chapter Eight: conjames1  


Introduction: person2
Chapter Eight: person6

consciousness, lack of involvement in motor control Chapter Eight: conlack1  

personality, evolution of

Chapter 6: person3, person4
consciousness, national Chapter Seven: connat1, connat2  

personality, unevenness of modern p.

Chapter Seven: person5

consciousness, origin of

Introduction: corigin1, corigin2, corigin3
Note On Terminology: corigin4
Chapter One: corigin5


P-consciousness (in Block)

Note On Terminology: P-con1

consciousness, problems with Chapter Eight: conprob1   Placoderms, evolution of Appendix One: placo1,
consciousness, purpose of Chapter One: conpur3   Platynereis dumerilii, nervous system Chapter One: platyn1
consciousness, the male principle in

Chapter Three: conmale1

  politics, place in consciousness Chapter Ten: politics1
consciousness, theories of Chapter One: contheory1   primary consciousness (in Edelman)

Note On Terminology: conpri1, conpri2
Chapter Two: conpri3, conpri4, conpri5, conpri6, conpri8,
Chapter Three: conpri7,

core consciousness (in Damasio)

Note On Terminology: corecon1, corecon2



Introduction: primate1;
Note On Terminology: primate2, primate3, primate4

core self (in Damasio)

Note On Terminology: coreself1

  primates, groups among Chapter Three: primate7

cortex, development of

Appendix One: cortex1, cortex2, cortex3

  primates, level of consciousness Chapter One: primate5
Chapter Two: primate6
Chapter Three: primate8

cortex, functions of

Appendix One: cortrole1,

  printing, enabling the Nation State

Chapter Seven: printing3

corvids, food-cacheing behaviour Chapter One: corvid2   printing, impact on consciousness

Chapter Five: printing1

corvids, tool-making behaviour Chapter One: corvid1   printing, impact on individual morality

Chapter Six: printing2

cosmetics, use in deception by women Chapter Eight: cosmetic1  


Chapter Ten: privacy1

counting, invention of Chapter Five: count1   property rights, importance for trade

Chapter Six: property1

crocodiles, sensory apparatus Chapter One: croco1   proprioceptive nervous system Chapter One: proprio1, proprio2


Introduction: culture1



Appendix Four: proso1

culture, evolution of Chapter Five: culture2  

proto-self (in Damasio)

Note On Terminology: proto1
Chapter Eight: proto2

culture, globalization of Chapter Ten: culture6  

Protostomes, brain-stem in

Appendix One: protostome1, protostome2

cultural transmission, in humans

Chapter Eight: culture5


Protostomes, nervous system

Chapter One: protostone3

cultural transmission, in primates

Chapter Three: culture3


psyche, the human

Introduction: psyche1
Chapter Eight: psyche4

cultural v. genetic change in humans

Chapter Seven: culture4

  psyche, the human, future of

Chapter Eleven: psyche5, psyche6

customary law, its persistence Chapter Six: customary1   psyche, the human, origin of

Chapter Three: psyche2
Chapter Five:psyche3

dance, origins in the group

Chapter Three: dance1

  qualia Note On Terminology: qual1,
deception, by collective human groups Chapter Eight: deception11
Chapter Eleven: deception13
  ragworm, brain-stem in

Appendix One: ragworm1

deception, in amphibians Chapter One: deception4
Chapter Two: deception5
  ragworm, level of consciousness Chapter One: ragworm2
deception, in birds Chapter One: deception2   ragworm, nervous system Chapter One: ragworm3
deception, in cats and dogs Chapter Five: deception8  

reciprocal altruism

Chapter Eight: recalt1
Chapter Eleven: recalt2

deception, in frogs Chapter One: deception1  

reciprocal exchange

Chapter Six: recip1

deception, in human groups Chapter Three: deception7
Chapter Eight: deception9, deception10
Chapter Eleven: deception12, deception13

reciprocal exchange, between groups

Chapter Six: recip2

deception, in primates Chapter Three: deception6   re-entrant connections, failure of as cause of schizophrenia

Appendix Four: reentrant9

deception, in squirrels Chapter One: deception3   re-entrant connections, in Amphibian brain

Appendix One: reentrant1

deception, on the Internet Chapter Nine: deception11   re-entrant connections, in human brain

Chapter Three: reentrant8

dispute resolution as an alternative to national law courts

Chapter Six: dispute1

  re-entrant connections, in memory formation

Chapter Two: reentrant6

division of labour, among the Kula

Chapter Six: division5


re-entrant connections, in mammal brain

Chapter One: reentrant4, reentrant5  

division of labour, instinctive in children

Chapter Five: division2


re-entrant connections, in primary consciousness

  Chapter Two: reentrant7 

division of labour, in primitive cultures

Chapter Six: division4


re-entrant connections, in ragworm brain

Chapter One: reentrant2 

division of labour, necessary for trade

Chapter Six: division3


re-entrant connections, in Sauropsid brain

Chapter One: reentrant3 

division of labour, necessary in larger groups

Chapter Five: division1


religion, as provider of morality

Chapter Six: religion1
Chapter Seven: religion2
Chapter Ten: religion4
dogs Introduction: dog1;
Note On Terminology: dog2, dog3, dog4

religion, evolutionary explanation for

Appendix Three: religion5
dogs, consciousness in Chapter Two: dog5  

religion, place in consciousness

Chapter Ten: religion3
dogs, possible possession of archetypes Appendix Three: dog7  

remembered present, the

Chapter One: rempres1 
Chapter Two: rempres2
dogs, 'remembered self' Chapter Five: dog6  

Remote Cognitive Collective (RCC)

Chapter Eleven: rcc1, rcc3

dopamine, associationn with schizophrenia Appendix Four: dopa1  

Remote Cognitive Collective (RCC), deception in

Chapter Eleven: rcc2

dreaming Appendix Four: dream3  

Remote Cognitive Representation (RCR) – of the brain

Chapter Eleven: rcr1

dreaming, in split-brain subjects Appendix Four: dream2  

representation, in the brain

Note On Terminology: repbrain1,
Chapter One: repbrain2, repbrain3, repbrain4
Chapter Two: repbrain5,
Chapter Five: repbrain6
dreaming, related to imagination Chapter Five: dream1  

representation, of the self

Chapter Eight: repbrain7, repbrain8
dualist theories of consciousness Chapter One: dualist1
Chapter Five: dualist2
Chapter Eight: dualist3, dualist4

reptiles, consciousness in

Note On Terminology: repcon1, repcon2
Chapter One: repcon3
dyads, in the kin group Chapter Six: dyad1  

reptiles, evolution and brain of

Appendix One: repevol1, repevol2

education, unsatisfactory nature of

Chapter Seven: education1

  reputation in the human group

Chapter Three: repute1, repute2

education, role in forming consciousness Chapter Ten: education2   reputation, on the Internet

Chapter Nine: repute3
Chapter Eleven:repute4

education, unsatisfactory nature of

Chapter Seven: education1


reticular formation , the

Note On Terminology: retic1
Appendix One: retic2

emotion, in reptiles

Chapter One: emotion1, emotion3

  Ricardo, Law of Comparative Advantage

Chapter Six: ricardo1

emotion, in salamanders Chapter One: emotion2   ritual

Chapter Three: ritual1


Introduction: s11



Chapter Eleven: robot1

endocrine system

Appendix One: endocrine1


robots, cognitive equipment

Chapter Eleven: robot2

ethics, human code of Chapter Eight: ethics1
Chapter Eleven: ethics2

robots, communication with humans

Chapter Eleven: robot3

ethics, of brain improvement Chapter Eleven: ethics3  

robots, sensory apparatus

Chapter Eleven: robot4

ethics, role of myth and archetypes in forming Appendix Three: ethics4   roles, for individuals and groups

Chapter Five: role1, role2
Chapter Eight:role3, role4, role5

European Court of Human Rights

Chapter Ten: eu2  

romans, the

Chapter Eight: romans1
European Union, role in globalization of consciousness Chapter Ten: eu1   saccadic eye movements, absence in frog Chapter One: saccade1

evolution, Darwinian

Introduction: evold1
Chapter Eleven: evold3

  salamanders, courtship behaviour in Chapter One: salaman3

evolution, future of in humans

Chapter Eleven: evold2
  salamanders, groups of Chapter One: salaman4
exchange, among the Kula Chapter Six: exchange3   salamanders, level of consciousness Chapter One: salaman1
exchange, propensity to, in humans Chapter Six: exchange1   salamanders, phylogeny of Chapter One: salaman2
exchange, in primate groups Chapter Six: exchange2  

Sarcopterygians, evolution and brain of

Appendix One: sarco1
Chapter One: sarco2

extended consciousness (in Damasio)

Note On Terminology: excon1
Chapter Eight: excon2

  Sauropsids, brain of

Appendix One: saurop1
Chapter One: saurop3

External Symbolic Storage System

Chapter Five: ess1
Chapter Seven: ess2
  Sauropsids, communication among Chapter One: saurop6

face recognition, in prosopagnosia

Appendix Four: facerec1    Sauropsids, level of consciousness Chapter One: saurop2

facial expression

Introduction: face1
Chapter Three: face2 
  Sauropsids, sensory apparatus Chapter One: saurop4

facial expressions, heritability of

Chapter Three: face3    Sauropsids, social behaviour Chapter One: saurop5
Chapter Two: saurop7

facial expressions, used in deception

Chapter Eight: face4   


Appendix Four: schizo1, schizo2, schizo3

Fathers, The, as law-givers in the group

Chapter Three: father1, father2
Chapter Six: father3
Chapter Eight: father4


schizophrenia, as a result of hemispherical language specialization

Appendix Four: schizo5

Fathers, The, as archetype

Appendix Three: father5


schizophrenia, influence from the collective

Appendix Four: schizo4

fish, consciousness in

Note On Terminology: fishcon1


sea squirt, brain in

Appendix One: seasquirt1

flatworm, brain-stem in

Appendix One: flatworm1


selection, against disease

Chapter Eleven: select1

flatworm, level of consciousness Chapter One: flatworm2  


Introduction: selfa1;
Note On Terminology: selfa2, selfa3, selfa4, selfa5, selfa6
Chapter One: selfa7
Chapter Five: selfa9
Chapter Six: selfa10
Chapter Eight: selfa12, selfa13
Appendix Four: selfa16

fMRI Chapter Eleven: fmri1  

self-awareness, in primates

Chapter Three: selfa8

food-cacheing behaviour, in corvids Chapter One: food1, food3
Chapter Five: food4

self-awareness, recreation of in an external device

Chapter Eleven: selfa15

food-cacheing behaviour, in rats Chapter Five: food5  

self-awareness, role in the development of law

Chapter Six: selfa11

food-cacheing behaviour, in squirrels Chapter One: food2  

self-awareness, future development of in humans

Chapter Eleven: selfa14

food-sharing behaviour, in chimpanzees Chapter Six: food6   self, in Social Identity Theory Chapter Five: self7

Appendix One: forebrain1
Chapter One: forebrain2

  self, central executive, in Taylor Chapter Two: self5
free speech, on the Internet Chapter Six: freespeech1  

self-deception, in humans

Chapter Eight: selfdec1
Chapter Eleven: selfdec2
free will, after Libet Chapter Five : free1
Chapter Eight: free3

self-deception, and hypnosis

Appendix Four: selfdec3
free will, denial of by William James Chapter Eight: free4   self, evolution of Chapter Five: self6
free will, human belief in Chapter Five : free2   self, the, necessary to consciousness (self-awareness)

Chapter Eight: self8

free will, in alien hand control Appendix Four: free6  

self, the human

Introduction: self1, self2
Note On Terminology: self3

Chapter Two: self4
Chapter Three: self5
Chapter Five: self8

free will, in split-brain subjects Appendix Four: free5  

self-recognition, in magpies

Chapter One: selfrec1
frog, level of consciousness Chapter One: frog1   self, sense of in sharks Chapter One: self6
frog, social behaviour Chapter One: frog3   self, use of in planning Chapter Five: self7
frog, social calls of Chapter One: frog2  

senses, the, expanded by technology

Chapter Seven: sense1

frontal cortex Chapter One: frontal1  

sensory substitution, and consciousness

Appendix Four: sensory1

genetic engineering

Chapter Eleven: gene2


sexual differentiation

Introduction: sexuald1

genetic manipulation

Chapter Eleven: gene1

  shamanism, related to 'The Fathers'

Chapter Eight: shaman1


Chapter Six: global1
Chapter Seven: global3
Chapter Eleven: global5

  shark, evolution of the

Appendix One: shark1

globalization, of consciousness

Chapter Ten: global4

  shark, homeostasis Chapter One: shark4

globalization, of regulation

Chapter Six: global2

  shark, level of consciousness Chapter One: shark2
Chapter Two: shark5

global mappings (in Edelman)

Note On Terminology: glomap1
Chapter One: glomap2, glomap3, glomap4
Chapter Two: glomap5

  shark, nervous system Chapter One: shark3

gossip, among female turtles

Chapter One: gossip1

  shark, social behaviours Chapter One: shark5

gossip, importance for reputation

Chapter Eight: gossip2
Chapter Eleven: gossip3


sleep, in amphibians

Chapter Two: sleep3

grooming, in primates Chapter Three: groom1  

sleep, in birds

Chapter Two: sleep2

grooming, in humans Chapter Three: groom2  

sleep, need for linked to memory

Chapter Two: sleep1

groupishness, in robots? Chapter Eleven: grobot1   snakes, evolution of Chapter One: snake2

groups, animal

Note On Terminology: ganimal3
Chapter One: ganimal2

  snakes, mating and courtship behaviour Chapter One: snake4
groups, as an archetype Chapter Three: garche1   snakes, sensory apparatus of Chapter One: snake3

group, the human

Introduction: ghuman1
Chapter Two: ghuman2

  snakes, level of consciousness Chapter One: snake1
groups, in amphibians Chapter Two: gamph1 , gamph2  

social agency as a precursor of language

Chapter Three: socag4

groups, in ants Chapter Two: gant1
Chapter Three: gant2

social agent, the

Introduction: socag1,
Chapter One: socag2
Chapter Three: socag3
, socag4
Chapter Eight: socag6, socag8, socag9
Appendix Four: socag10

groups, in crows Chapter One: gcrow1, gcrow2  

social agent, the, as cause of self-awareness

Chapter Eight: socag7

groups, in dogs Chapter Three: gdog1  

social agent, the, in the bilateralized brain

Chapter Eight: socag5

groups, in jays Chapter One: gjay1  

social agent, the, undermined in schizophrenia

Appendix Four: socag11

groups, in frogs Chapter One: gfrog1   social awareness Note On Terminology: socaware1
groups, in humans Chapter Three: ghuman1
Chapter Five : ghuman2
Chapter Eleven: ghuman3, ghuman4
Appendix Three: ghuman5
  social behaviour in squirrels Chapter One: socialsqui1
groups, in primates Chapter Three: sprimate1   social behaviour in Sauropsids Appendix One: socialsaur1
groups, in salamanders Chapter One: gsalaman1   social calculus, the

Introduction: calculus1
Chapter Three: calculus2calculus3

groups, in sharks Chapter One: gshark1  

social consciousness

Introduction: soccon1,
Chapter Three: soccon3,
Chapter Eight: soccon8

groups, in squirrels Chapter One: gsquirrel1  

social consciousness, anatomical basis of

Chapter Two: soccon4

group, membership of

Introduction: gmem1, gmem2, gmem3

  social consciousness, in primates Chapter One: soccon2
Chapter Two: soccon5
Chapter Three: soccon7
groups, multiple, membership of Chapter Three: gmem4   social consciousness, in Sauropsids Chapter One: soccon2
Chapter Two: soccon5
groups, on the Internet Chapter Nine: gint1  

social emotions

Introduction: socemote1, socemote2, socemote3

group, size of

Introduction: gsize1
Chapter Three: gsize2, gsize3, gsize4


social facilitation theory

Chapter Two: socfac1

group selectionism

Chapter Eight: gsel1   social group, the Introduction: sgroup1
Chapter One: sgroup2 
hagfish, nervous system

Appendix One: hagfish1
Chapter One: hagfish2

  social hierarchies, in primates Chapter Three: sochier1
hagfish, level of consciousness Chapter One: hagfish2   Social Identity Theory Chapter Five: socit1
Hanseatic League, trade in Chapter Six: hansa1   social responsiveness Note On Terminology: socres1
Chapter Three: socres3
Chapter Eight: socres8
hedonic agenda, in hagfish Chapter One: hedonic1   social responsiveness, in amphibians Chapter One: socres2
Chapter Two: socres5
hedonic agenda, in sharks Chapter One: hedonic2   social responsiveness, in Sauropsids Chapter Two: socres6
Chapter Three: socres7

Heraclitus, consciousness of

Chapter Five: herac1

  society, evolution of Chapter Six: society2
hierarchies, in groups Chapter Three: hier1  

society, human

Introduction: society1

higher consciousness, in Edelman

Chapter Three: highcon1

  somatic responsiveness

Note On Terminology: somres1
Chapter One: somres2, somres3 
Chapter Eight: somres4

hind-brain Chapter One: hindb1   Sony Corporation, patents brain communication method Chapter Eleven: sony1
hippocampus, the

Note On Terminology: hippo1;
Appendix One: hippo2, hippo3

  sovereignty a modern concept Chapter Six: sover1
hippocampus, in amphibians Chapter One: hippo5   split-brain Appendix Four: split2
hippocampus, in memory formation Chapter Two: hippo7   split-brain, confabulation as symptom Chapter Eight: split1
hippocampus, in Myxine Chapter One: hippo4  

sport, place in consciousness

Chapter Ten: sport1

hippocampus, in mammals Chapter One: hippo6   squirrels, brain anatomy of Chapter One: squirrel2

Note On Terminology: homeo1;
Chapter One: homeo2

  squirrels, communication among Chapter One: squirrel6

homo erectus, trade among

Chapter Six: homoe1

  squirrels, hippocampus of Chapter One: squirrel3
homo sapiens, level of consciousness Chapter One: sapiens1
Chapter Three: sapiens2
  squirrels, level of consciousness Chapter One: squirrel1, squirrel2

human nature

Chapter Eleven: nature1

  squirrels, sensory apparatus of Chapter One: squirrel4

human rights

Chapter Ten: rights1

  squirrels, social behaviour Chapter One: squirrel5


Introduction: hunter1
Chapter Three: hunter2
Chapter Six: hunter3, hunter4
Chapter Eight: hunter5, hunter6


State, The

Introduction: state1

Hutterites, the

Chapter Eleven: hutter1

  State, The, as provider of morality Chapter Six: state4
Chapter Seven: state6

Appendix Four: hypnosis4


State, The, personification in 19th century

Chapter Seven: state5

hypothalamus, the Note On Terminology: hypothal1
Appendix One: hypothal2
  State, The, takeover of social functions by Chapter Five: state2

Appendix Four: hysteria1

  State, The, weakness in mediaeval Europe Chapter Six: state3

identity, as an expression of group memberships

Chapter Five: identity1


stereotypes, national

Chapter Seven: stereo1

identity, compromised in schizophrenia

Appendix Four: identity4

  superego, as an aspect of individuality Chapter Five: super1
identity, problem of multiple i.

Chapter Eight: identity2

  symbols, in human thought Chapter Three: symbol1
Appendix Three: symbol2

identity, cultural

Chapter Seven: identity3

  symbols, in development of language Chapter Five: symbol2

Incas, the, use of historians

Chapter Eight: incas1

  tabula rasa Chapter Eight: tabula1

individual, and the Internet

Chapter Nine: individual8


technology, to re-empower the individual

Chapter Seven: techno1

individual, as a group member

Introduction: individual4
Chapter Five: individual5


tectum, the

Note On Terminology: tectum1;
Appendix One: tectum2,
Chapter One: tectum3,

individual, forced by the State to accept responsibility

Chapter Seven: individual6, individual7

  tectum, in amphibians Chapter One: tectum4,

individual, in a globalized world

Chapter Eleven: individual8

  tectum, in snakes Chapter One: tectum5,

individuality, in humans

Chapter Five: individuality4,
Chapter Eight: individuality6
Chapter Eleven: individuality7


telencephalon, the

Note On Terminology: telen1,

individuality, and the social agent

Chapter Eight: individuality5


tetrapods, evolution of

Appendix One: tetra1,
Chapter One: tetra2,
individuality, in primates Chapter Three : individuality3  

thalamus, the

Note On Terminology: thalamus1,
Appendix One: thalamus2,
individuality, in squirrels Chapter One: individuality2   thalamus, in mammals Chapter One: thalamus3,

individuality, evolution of

Introduction: individuale1
Chapter Three: individuale2
Chapter Five: individuale3
Chapter Eight: individuale4


Theory of Mind

Note On Terminology: theory1,

individuality, nature of

Introduction: individuality1

  time, sense of, absent among the Kula Chapter Six: time8
individuality, not involved in evolution of ethics Chapter Six: individuality5   time, sense of, absence in apes Chapter Five: time6

individualism, different from individuality

Chapter Five: individualism1

  time, sense of, in humans Chapter Three: time1
Chapter Five: time2

individualism, in the 20th century

Chapter Seven: individualism2

  time, sense of, essential in larger groups Chapter Five: time7
information, expanded by ESS Chapter Seven: inform4   time, sense of, evolution Chapter Five: time3
information, its value in the human group Chapter Three: inform1, inform2   time, sense of, location in brain Chapter Five: time4
information, availability through the Internet Chapter Six: inform3
Chapter Nine: inform4
  time, sense of, usefulness in modern groups Chapter Five: time5


Introduction: intent1
Note On Terminology: intent2

  tool use, in birds Chapter One: birdtool1
Chapter Two: birdtool2

intentionality, as requiring better definition

Chapter Five: intent8

  totemism Chapter Eight: totem1
intentionality, in birds Chapter One: intent3 , intent6   trade, and the Nation State Chapter Ten: trade6
intentionality, in chimpanzees Chapter One: intent4   trade, as a group activity Chapter Six: trade3
intentionality, in dogs Chapter One: intent5   trade, early history of Chapter Six: trade2
intentionality, in primates

Chapter Three : intent7

  trade, on the Internet Chapter Nine: trade5

International Olympic Committee, the

Chapter Ten: ioc1

  trade, origins of Chapter Six: trade1

Internet, the

Introduction: internet1, internet2
Chapter Five: internet3
Chapter Six: internet4
Chapter Seven: internet5
Chapter Ten: internet6
Chapter Eleven: internet10, internet11

  trade, role in development of language Chapter Six: trade4

Internet, the, and consciousness

Chapter Ten: internet8

  transcranial magnetic stimulation Chapter Eleven: tms1

Internet, the, and education

Chapter Ten: internet7

  trust, between individuals Chapter Eleven: trust3

Internet, the, as a groupish mechanism

Chapter Six: internet5
Chapter Eleven: internet9

  trust, in reciprocal exchange and trade Chapter Six: trust1, trust2


Note On Terminology: introspec1
Chapter Five: introspec2, introspec3
Chapter Eight: introspec4, introspec5

  Turing test, satisfaction of by 2020 Chapter Eleven: turing1

introspective consciousness

Chapter Five: introspec4


turtle, evolution and brain of

Appendix One: turtle1,
Chapter One: turtle2, turtle3,

introspective consciousness, not innate

Chapter Five: introspec5

  turtles, social behaviour Chapter One: turtle4
jelly-fish, level of consciousness Chapter One: jelly1   unconscious delivery of moral rules Chapter Eight: unconscious4
Chapter Eleven: unconscious6
jelly-fish, nervous system Chapter One: jelly2  

unconscious, the

Introduction: unconscious1
Chapter Eight: unconscious5

kin groups, in primates

Chapter Three: kin1
Chapter Six: kin2

  unconscious, the, improving access to Chapter Eleven: unconscious7, unconscious8

Kula, The, South Pacific, trade among

Chapter Six: kula2

  unconscious, in Durkheim Chapter Three: unconscious2

Kurzweil, R

Chapter Eleven: kurz1

  unconscious, in Freud Chapter Three: unconscious3

Lamarckism, in Jung's account of archetypes

Appendix Three: lamar1


United Nations as global regulator

Chapter Six: un1

language, development of

Introduction: slang1, lang2
Chapter Three: slang3, slang5, slang6, slang7
Chapter Five: slang12
Chapter Six: slang12
Chapter Eight: slang14

  Varanidae, sensory apparatus Chapter One: varan1
language, impaired in aphasia

Appendix Four: slang16


Virtual Internet Communities (VICs)

Chapter Nine: virt1
Chapter Eleven: virt2, virt3, virt4, virt5

language, in development of the self

Chapter Five: slang10
Chapter Eight: slang15


viruses, on the Internet

Chapter Nine: virus1

language, in reputation management

Chapter Three: slang4


visual agnosia

Appendix Four: visag1

language, in the delivery of morality

Chapter Eight: slang13



Note On Terminology: vol1


World Trade Organization

Chapter Six: wto14
Chapter Ten: wto15

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