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An Introduction To The Human Social Group

Consciousness And The Human Group

What Is A Group Anyway?

The Terminology Of Consciousness

Chapter One

The Origins And Purpose Of Consciousness


Table One: Stages Of The Development Of Consciousness

Stage 1: The Jelly-Fish

Stage 2: Acoeli

Stage 3: The Ragworm

Stage 4: The Hagfish

Stage 5: The Shark

Stage 6: The Amphibians

Stage 7: The Sauropsids (Reptiles)

Stage 8: Mammals

Brain Enlargement And Sociality

Table Two: Brain Mass In Animals

Chapter Two

The Evolution Of Social Consciousness In Animals

Introduction: The Nature of Groups; Groups As Social Building Blocks

The Importance Of Categories

Theories Of Consciousness

Edelman's Primary Consciousness

Taylor's Relational Mind Theory of Consciousness

The Transition from Social Responsiveness to Social Consciousness

Chapter Three

The Evolution Of Social Consciousness In Humans

Primate Groups

Human Groups

The Role Of Consciousness In The Human Group

The Human Social Tool-Kit

Evolution Of The Social Emotions

The Archetype In The Development Of Groups

The Components Of Groupedness


Status And Reputation In The Human Group


'The Fathers'

The Human Groupish Endowment

Chapter Four

A Summary Of Social Characteristics In Animals

Table Four: A Cognitive Map Of Social Behaviours

Chapter Five

The Evolution Of The Self And Personal Individuality


The Mirror Test And Intentionality

The Autobiographical Self

Imagining, Dreaming And Time


The Theoretical Basis Of Individualism

The Development Of Human Personality And Individuality

The Self As An Expression Of Individuality

The Elaboration Of Individual Personality In Modern Times

The Role Of Meta-Cognition In Individuality

Chapter Six

The Evolution Of Society


Exchange In Early Groups

The Early History Of Trade

Trade As The Basis For Multi-Group Social Development

Trade Before Law

The Role Of Trade In The Development Of Language

The Evolution Of Law

The Heyday Of The State

Groups On The Internet

Chapter Seven

The Emergence Of The State And Its Impact On Individual Consciousness


The Emergence Of Settled, Hierarchical Human Communities

Emergence Of The Unitary State

Expansion Of Consciousness Under The State

Groups And The Nation State

The State And The Individual

The Emergence Of National Cultural Identities

The Failure Of Moral Provisioning Under The State

The Beginning of The End For National Consciousness

Chapter Eight

The Con Of Consciousness; The Illusion Of Individuality

The Purpose Of Consciousness

The Moral Agenda: Making Things Work

Humans As Social Agents: The Rules Of The Game

Deception – A Necessary Evil

Consciousness V. The Unconscious: Who's In Charge?

Consciousness Is A Wonderful Thing, But It Is Not Very Effective

Chapter Nine

Groups And The Internet


The Affiliative Nature Of The Internet

Deception And Reputation On The Internet

Virtual Internet Communities (VICs)

Groupishness On The Internet

Chapter Ten

The Globalization Of Consciousness


The Globalization Of Individual Consciousness

The Globalization Of Human Culture

The Role Of The Internet In Forming Global Consciousness

Chapter Eleven

The Future Of Groups And Self-Awareness

The Lost Individual – The Collective – Closing The Gap

Improving The Brain And Consciousness

The Ethics Of Cognitive Improvement

Extending Consciousness Via Computers And Other External Environments

Migrating Consciousness Into External Environments – Multiple Consciousnesses In Computers Or Cyberspace

Abandoning The Collective . . . . In Favour Of . . . . The Collective

Appendix One

An Introduction To Brain Anatomy

The Brain Stem

The Cerebellum

The Thalamus, Hypothalamus, Endocrine System and Tectum

The Cerebrum

The Cortex

The Amygdala

The Basal Ganglia

The Hippocampus

Evolution of the Modern Mammal Brain

Appendix Two

A Note On Terminology

The Terminology Of Consciousness

Brain Terminology


Appendix Three



The Evolution Of Archetypes

The Cognitive Nature Of Archetypes

Archetypes And Myth

The Role Of Archetypes


Appendix Four The Pathology Of Consciousness




Alien Hand Syndrome



Hypnosis, Hysteria And Multiple Personality Disorder



The Collective Unconscious, Quantum Mechanics And PSI

Introduction: Quantum Mechanics, PSI And The Evolution Of Consciousness

Chapter One: The Quantum Story

Chapter Two: The PSI Story

Chapter Three: The Collective Unconscious Revisited

Chapter Four: Evolution Revisited

Chapter Five: Molecular Biology And Quantum Mechanics

Chapter Six: Species Revisited

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